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Title: You Can't Keep... Telling Everyone You're Fine
Author: lilacs_roses
Artist: munchkinofdoom
Characters: (in order of appearance): Colby Granger, Charlie Eppes, David Sinclair, Don Eppes, Bonnie Parks, Dr. William Bradford, Lynn Potter, ensemble cast
Pairings: Colby Granger/Bonnie Parks; Colby Granger/Lynn Potter; surprise pairing/s
Word Count: 18,000
Genre: Het/minor slash. AU; character study; hurt/comfort; episode related; UST/mutual attraction of male characters
Rating: R
Warnings: Numerous - see Fic masterlist on author's journal.
Summary: During his Administrative Leave after the death of two suspects, Colby has to come to terms with his time being an undercover triple agent and his obsession with Bonnie Parks in order to keep his job. And then things get even more complicated.
Fic Link: author masterlist here
Art Link: Banners and icon here