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numb3rs mini big bang

Welcome to numb3rs_novella, a Numb3rs 10,000 word mini big bang challenge

This challenge came about because a group of Numb3rs fans had a lot of fun participating in the 2010 numb3rs_bigbang and were disappointed to see that there were no immediate plans for a 2011 Big Bang. We understood that the fandom was shrinking now that our beloved show had been cancelled, and that there would very likely be only a minimal number of stories written if we did a big bang, but we didn't care. Because we considered that every story a challenge produced would be a gift.

So, after nattering amongst ourselves, we broached the subject of doing a mini big bang with spikedluv, from numb3rs_bigbang, and she wished us well with our plans.

And here we are!

Below is our schedule (revised April 27, 2011):

February 21: sign-ups for writers and artists open.

March 21: writer sign-ups close

June 6: completed story drafts due

June 9: anonymous story summaries posted for artists to claim

June 16: artist sign-ups close. Artists matched with writers.

June 17: writers and artists notified.

July 14: art and final drafts of stories to be emailed to the mods

July 18: posting of stories and art starts on a staggered schedule